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TTo face the production challenges in a new context of competitiveness and efficiency demands, the integrated field management vision and its associated services is key to achieve operational excellence (OE).

We provide tools in order to get this goal, optimizing oil and gas production, reducing costs, improving productivity, and enhancing efficiency, guaranteeing aspects as HSSE and Operational Risk. These aspects include both operating and service companies that participate in the Upstream value chain.

Likewise, based on the premise of focusing on processes, human resources and technology application, our integral vision allows us to identify the areas whose study and optimization will have a direct impact on the team's work and subsequent organization's productivity.


  • Evaluation of production assets

  • Oilfields Operational Management Model analysis and design.

  • Production Surveillance

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Production cost management

  • Operational Excellence Strategy Design & Implementation.

  • Planning & Optimization


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