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OilProduction Consulting (known as “OilProduction”) is a company born from the combined experience of a group of Oil and Gas industry professionals, aiming to provide solutions to its clients, adding the value of their knowledge transfer.

The story started back in year 2000 in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentine Patagonia (the city where oil was first discovered in the country in 1907) when the website was conceived by oil industry and media professionals as a technical share-point for the upstream segment providing access to qualified information from reliable sources to professionals, students and teachers around the world. quickly became a global reference portal, a status that is valid to this day. 

With strong focus in Production Engineering and Well Operations the company continued growing as a training provider for Latin America, expanding its services to technical consultancy. In the years to follow, and with an increasing staff of committed and enthusiastic professionals in different fields, OilProduction widened its technical coverage spectrum, achieving a larger participation in several important projects in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru and the US and consolidating its position in the region as an integrated Subsurface and Operations technical consultancy and training services provider. 

In constant pursuit of innovation and excellence and adapting to the current digital transformation needs of the industry, in 2020 OilProduction initiated the development of interactive 3D content for Training Based on Virtual Reality Simulation (“Virtual Oilfield”) and solutions known as “Digital Twins ".

The latest milestone in OilProduction continuous story of growth is marked by its arrival in the US and the United Arab Emirates, through its subsidiaries OilProduction North America and OilProduction Middle East.  

Regardless of the location, our pillars are the same – our professional and human values: expertise, integrity, dedication and our commitment to achieve the desired results in every project.

Clemente Marcelo Hirschfeldt | Director & Founder



Clemente Marcelo Hirschfeldt is a Petroleum Engineer with 31 years of experience in Production Operations and Production Engineering in different operations in South & North America. He has extensive expertise in these disciplines both as a consultant and as an instructor in its different modalities.

He works as Adjunct Professor of the Petroleum Engineering career at the National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Argentina.


Additionally, he is part of the Committee of the SPE Artificial Lift and Gas Well Deliquification Technical Section, serving as Regional Champion for Latin America.


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