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What do we understand by energy transition? Why is it so important to fight climate change? And what helps speed it up? As the oil and gas industry, can you accompany this global strategy?

From OilProduction Consulting and through our partner, we are committed to the challenges of our clients towards Net Zero. This is why we accompany them by contributing our experience in order to optimize their processes and operations, providing knowledge and collaborating with the incorporation of technology to achieve their objectives.


Overview of scopes and GHG emissions in the value chain


>Net Zero, Net Zero or carbon neutrality, refers to achieving net emissions of gases of fossil origin, expressed in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent.

>That is, a universal measure used for the CO2 equivalent of each of the greenhouse gases with respect to their global warming potential.

>It consists of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a point similar to those that are removed naturally from the atmosphere, mainly by the action of forests and oceans.

>This goal has been established by the UN for the year 2050.

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