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Our  specialists are adept at evaluating the relevant aspects related to all components of the production system, from conventional and unconventional reservoirs, their flow to the surface, artificial lift systems, as well as the different production technologies.


Understanding the production mechanism of the different reservoirs in their different contexts (locations and environments) and state of exploitation of the field is the key to select the best tools and solutions that will optimize production while reducing costs, maximizing the ultimate reserve recovery.

  • Well production review and exploitation status (well by well review)

  • Production Systems Optimization Based on Nodal Analysis

  • Multiphase flow performance analysis.

  • Flow Assurance

  • Production technologies:

    • Simulation, Evaluation and Selection of Artificial Lifting Systems

    • Technical-economic evaluation of production technologies

    • Evaluation of product and service providers

    • Identification, evaluation and application of new technologies

    • Design of contract models for their acquisition


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