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If you are looking to optimize the performance of your operators

and make the most of the potential of your resources….

Simulation-based training is the solution.


Virtual Oilfield 2.1 - Collaborative Mode

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The industry has already begun to see the potential of this technology, especially in the field of training, education, and demonstration of industrial processes.
Virtual reality platforms, based on desktop computers, offer an immersive experience, recreating situations with 3d models.
The simulation-based training proposes a work environment tailored to each user, represented with remarkable realism, thanks to the capacity of VR lens technology.

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They are created with the purpose of making it faster and easier for the work team to review and share aspects of both safety and general operation of a particular facility.

Virtual Oilfield - Version 2.0

Virtual Oilfield - Version 2.0 This platform runs on personal computers based on Windows operating systems with virtual reality devices and can be developed for each specific situation responding to the needs of each client. The Virtual Oilfield platform simulates the operation of a typical hydrocarbon production station or battery. The intention of this application is not to represent exactly the functions of a battery, but to show its immersive capabilities for training purposes. The arrangement and functionality of the Battery elements were based on a basic and standard design of a transfer station, as well as the flow, temperature and pressure parameters.


The simulator has two modes of operation:

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Normal / Learning mode

It allows going through the installations of the Battery and all its components. The parameters of each element can be checked through the measuring instruments. In addition, it has interactive informative posters, which are accessed by proximity. In this mode, the battery is in equilibrium, the levels in normal tanks and pumps at their working regime. You can interact with most of the active devices which will modify the global variables. Through the main menu, it is possible to reestablish the initial state not only of valves, but also of the main components.


Participants access remotely through the local network or VPN, joining a session created by the organizer and are represented by avatars labeled with the name at the time of joining.

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Each user can access internal tools to

Interact with the scene at any time.

Which will allow you to target objects with a laser, see components through with X-ray, use elements

measurement to scale, place text markers and points of interest and then return at will.


Once the problem proposed by the simulator has been solved, a sign will indicate such an event, and immediately the next situation will be triggered in random order until all the resolutions are completed.

Unzip ZIP file and run the application

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